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Cars, Cars, Cars and .... Eight (!!!!!!!!) New Traffic Signals
Bud Emerson, Klish Way

The EIR says “the proposed project would result in significant traffic and circulation impacts” at more than 21 locations and the I-5 freeway. Level of Service (LOS) would decrease from “D” to “F,” the lowest level.

To mitigate these impacts the 22nd AG “shall negotiate agreements with Del Mar, Solana Beach, and San Diego (and Caltrans) for the fair share of the proportionate cost of the total costs for street improvements” identified as mitigation measures.
The proposed mitigation measures include numerous lane changes, striping changes, intersection modifications and at least eight traffic signals from Del Mar Heights Road, all along Camino Del Mar, to Via de la Valle, to Lomas Santa Fe. Also included will be a new freeway off ramp.

The “cumulative traffic and circulation impacts” after all such mitigation attempts will be “significant and unavoidable.”

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