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Waste Not
A press release from the Regional Solid Waste Association

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Again this year, the Regional Solid Waste Association, a Joint Powers Agency composed of the Cities of Del Mar, Encinitas, National City, Poway, Solana Beach and Vista is issuing environmental enhancement checks to member cities.

Each city will be receiving a check based on the city’s solid waste tonnage as a percentage of the total tonnage of the organization (RSWA). The check can be utilized for recycling, electronic waste, household hazardous waste programs or other solid waste matters. RSWA Chairman Ron Morrison, Mayor of National City, stated that, “This is one governmental agency that has really worked – we’ve done the job we were created to do.” He continued by saying, “Each task that RSWA has undertaken has been handled quickly, with immediate results that are recognized and verifiable.”

RSWA formed a public/private partnership with EDCO Waste and Recycling to deal with solid waste disposal fees. That partnership paved the way for tremendous savings for the customers in all six cities. “The savings to our citizens has been significant due to the efforts of RSWA”, said RSWA Vice Chairman Mike Nichols, Mayor of Solana Beach.

After the successes with trash, RSWA also tackled the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) issue. Once again using a public/private partnership with EDCO and Clean Harbors – RSWA created a variety of options for each jurisdiction to choose to make HHW services available to it’s citizens. Regional options include utilizing either of the two permanent facilities located in Poway and Vista, hosting a special collection event or using the door-to-door collection program either for seniors and disabled and/or the general population. RSWA Board Treasurer Maggie Houlihan, Mayor of the City of Encinitas, applauded RSWA’s household hazardous waste program as being “Innovative with a menu of different options for citizens to choose from that truly encourages the proper disposal of HHW.” After having the opportunity to tour the E-World facility in Vista that is handling RSWA’s entire electronic waste disposal and recycling needs, Board Treasurer Houlihan went on to say how impressed she is with the state of the art facility.

The environmental enhancement check will allow each individual jurisdiction to target specific needs and utilize the money to fund services such as recycling education, HHW, e-waste, litter abatement programs and/or NPDES related activities. The influx of money will allow each city to not only be creative, but to individualize the program to meet the different and individual needs of each jurisdiction. RSWA Board Member Richard Earnest, Deputy Mayor from the City of Del Mar, pointed out “Since RSWA has the regional programs fully in place – the new money coming to each city will mean more programs for our citizens at zero cost to us or them.” This is truly a win-win situation for the residents of the RSWA cities.

For more information please contact:
Lin Wurbs, General Manger – RSWA at (619) 607-8115


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