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Simulation VERIZON

Adam Gevanthor, Vice Chair of the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board, can’t understand why more residents aren’t alarmed by the new wireless facilities being approved for installation along the rim of Crest Canyon. A second application, submitted by Clearwire to put three panel antennas and a microwave dish on an existing traffic light pole at the northeast corner of Crest Way and Del Mar Heights, will be heard at the Board’s Project Review Committee November 5. The first application was approved for Verizon on August 13 and will replace an existing light pole with a thicker standard, three antenna above the light and above ground equipment on the opposite side of the Canyon at Mar Scenic Drive.

“Development along our canyon edges poses a threat to our coastal resources,” Gevanthor said. It is inconsistent to have an approved community plan that protects natural resources in our coastal areas then have the San Diego City staff turn around and approve unsightly appendages to light poles and above ground equipment, sometimes 4 to 5 feet high, in the public right of way. To make matters worse, says Gevanthor, residents seem willing to sacrifice environmentally sensitive areas for better cell reception. The Planning Board approved the Verizon application by a 6 to 4 vote. “Although one application may not seem jarring, we begin to get a cumulative impact with more of these applications coming along,” he worries.

The Torrey Pines Planning Board is composed of 15 representatives from Del Mar Heights and Del Mar Terrace. Their area extends along Crest Road north to the Del Mar Reservoir. But once Crest crosses Del Mar city limits the rules for wireless communication facilities change drastically. Del Mar allows cell installations only within the Commercial areas of the city and only with a Conditional Use Permit, only when the Planning Commission can make certain findings, and only when specific conditions are attached. All facilities must be installed on an existing building and no cell monopoles are allowed. These provisions assure there will be no cell monopoles along Crest Canyon in Del Mar. Residents can voice their concerns about the proposed installations at the Torrey Pines Project Review Committee meeting November 5 and the Planning Board meeting on November 12 when the Clearview application will be heard. Check the Planning Board’s website at www.torreypinescommunity.org for details.



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