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A History of First Thursdays
Lynn Gaylord | Ocean Front Avenue

Flyer for 2009-2010

On January 26, 2000, the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation met in the newly opened Powerhouse Community Center. Ideas for lectures and music came from everyone! We settled on a Series format which would feature eclectic music in the Spring, lectures in the Fall, and classical music during the Winter. Each series could be subscribed to separately. A special Holiday Concert at St. Peters could be purchased in addition. By 2003, while we realized we had a winner with all three types of First Thursdays, we had a nightmare with bookkeeping and publicity costs. We made the decision to go with a once-a-year opportunity to subscribe to a year-long group of programs which has proved so much easier on all! A complete list of all the programs since the year 2000 can be seen on the Sandpiper website: www.delmarsandpiper.org

a list of all the concerts since 2000 in pdf format


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