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Farmer Scholarships
Nicole Holliday | Crest Road

Scholarship recipient Jason Froelich has worked at the Del Mar Farmers market for 10 years. Photo Nicole Holliday.

The next time you buy fresh fruit, flowers or other specialty items from the Del Mar Farmers Market, you can take pride in knowing that not only are you supporting our local growers, but just this year the Del Mar Farmers Market awarded eight scholarships to students who are part of the Del Mar Farmers Market family.
“We are very proud of our scholarship program,” remarked Nicole Holliday, DMFM board member. “For over 15 years our farmers market has granted nearly a 100 scholarships. With the constant increase in costs associated with higher education, any financial assistance can make a big difference.”

The scholarship program was created in the early 90s in honor of Mary Maciel, one of the original farmers of the DMFM. The Fund was to encourage higher education of children and grandchildren of participating famers, which now has been extended to full-time employees. “The vendors fully support the scholarship program and are very proud of where the proceeds go,” commented Barbara Anderson, DMFM Board President. “We are also hearing from the market families that these scholarships are not just a financial boost but really make these kids feel good about themselves.”

Jacob Schaner of Schaner Farms recently said, “I take great pride in being a son of a farmer, and this scholarship affirms that pride as I pursue a higher education at the University of Dallas. This scholarship makes my education all the more appreciated.”
Other 2009 scholarship recipients and their respective colleges: Eva Nevarez, Cal State Long Beach; Sarah Jessica Parra, UC Davis; Jason Froelich, San Diego State University; Luke Schaner, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Austen Nevarez, Humboldt State; Sara Schaner, University of Dallas and Elena Nevarez, UC Irvine. Past recipients have attended such prestigious schools as Columbia University, Boston University and UC Santa Barbara.

The DMFM was established 1987, second in the county behind Vista. It is the only farmers market in the county to donate 100% of net profits to charity; supporting not only education, but the library and environmental conservancy. So remember, the Del Mar Farmers Market offers more than fresh local flavors, it also offers an opportunity to give back to the community. Open Saturdays 1 – 4pm, at 10th Street and Camino Del Mar.


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