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Your Next Great Love
Barbara Mandel Pache | Friends of Del Mar Parks

Photo Virginia Lawrence

Ask anyone around town how they feel about Powerhouse Park, or Seagrove Park, or the Del Mar Library. “I love it!” is what you will inevitably hear. Yet these landmarks were once just dirt lots or commercial property. It took great vision from a number of community leaders to see the potential in the raw property. To see how families and residents would enjoy these fabulous resources for generations to come. And it took donors at all levels to make these treasures a reality.

The same will be true with Del Mar Shores Park. Since the mid 1940s, this property has been used and loved by school children, pre-schoolers, Little Leaguers, dog owners, neighborhood residents and visitors. So it was quite a natural reaction to want to retain this gem for public enjoyment for future generations when the property was surplused by the school district. Now Del Mar Shores Park can be the community’s Next Great Love.

Campaign leaders have heard the comments, “What will the property be used for?” Our goal is to assure that the entire 5.3 acres be retained as recreational, educational and open space. We have been asking the community what you would like to see. Responses have included: room for multi-sport recreational fields. A basketball court, perhaps a tennis court. Community gardens, a fenced area for safe dog activities. Places for picnic tables and park benches. Space for the Alvarado House and Farmers Market.

All of these are what Del Mar Shores Park can be, and will be, with the continued support of community members. More than 500 families have now become contributors, and we have raised over $5,500,000 towards the $8,500,000 goal. If you are already among the 500, thank you again for your support. If not, we ask you to learn more at www.delmarshores.org. In the years to come, when asked how they feel about Del Mar Shores Park, we hope to hear, “We love it!”


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