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Student Recycling Sleuth by
Keaton Lispon | a Delmartian attending high school in La Jolla

Photo Art Olson

California is one of the ‘greenest’ states in the country; San Francisco leads the cause, and most people in California care about reducing our carbon footprint. Over the summer, I thought it would be interesting to see how ‘green’ our businesses really are in Del Mar. I am a junior at the Bishop’s school in La Jolla and am a resident of Del Mar. Mark Delin, who works for the city council, helped me with the project and the idea. With his help I was able to survey forty-two individual businesses as well as the management group for the plaza. While doing the project, I found out that Del Mar is not as green as our residents may think.

Under the current contract the city holds with Waste Management, recycling is free. It costs the same amount if you only had trash or if you recycled every material possible. Waste Management has done little to nothing to let business owners know that fact. Only twenty-seven percent of business owners knew recycling was free in Del Mar. Many business owners may not recycle because they don’t want to pay, but the fact remains that recycling is free and easy to do.

Every city in California has to recycle a certain percentage of waste. The fairgrounds have one of the best recycling programs in San Diego. Almost everything gets recycled. Lucky for Del Mar their numbers go under our city’s numbers so we can easily beat the required amount. Even though we may be above the minimum for recycling, our businesses in the downtown Del Mar area could easily increase the amount of waste they recycle. If your business doesn’t have the right bins or doesn’t know the pick up dates just make a phone call to Waste Management (760) 439-2824, the Del Mar Village Association (755-1179), or the city (755-9313), and they will help you. Everyone can help in making our city and our world a cleaner, healthier place to live.


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