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One Lane South
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Location for merge lanes

In the mid 70s Del Mar voters approved our Community Plan. Among its provisions was a call for Camino Del Mar (CDM) to be narrowed--never in my memory was this ever seriously considered by our City Council.


Details of the pilot project in pdf format

Pilot for one lane traffic.

Images from www.delmar.ca.us/government/pages/fbcac.aspx 
> meeting date 10/20/09 > pdf file 5.


Now, over 30 years later, a serious experimental feasibility proposal from the Planning Department is making its way toward the Council agenda for a decision. This pilot program, lasting two to three years, calls for temporary restriping of the southbound portion of CDM to reduce traffic to one lane between 15th and 12th Streets. The pilot program is designed to enhance parking, cycling, and walkability in the downtown area. The ultimate goal is to replace high speed auto through traffic with lower speed destination traffic. The walkability of the area is intended to encourage retail activity as well.

No permanent changes would be made during the trial period, except for the possibility of a slight modification of the median near 15th street to accommodate safety vehicles. It would allow as many as 25 new spaces. It would include traffic calming measures to benefit pedestrian and bicycle movement. A complementary program of sidewalk and street refurbishment will be implemented along both sides of CDM to enhance walkability and accommodate disabled persons.

During the pilot study period, traffic behavior will be carefully monitored by an independent agency, with particular emphasis on possible impacts on parallel streets such as Stratford, Ocean Avenue, and Luneta.

This proposal will be discussed by the City Council and will probably be presented to the public for comment and consideration in public workshops and hearings yet to be scheduled. Detailed plans, including simulated photos and street diagrams can be found on Del Mar's web site at www.delmar.ca.us.



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