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Fairground Threatens Lagoon
Mark Whitehead | Santa Fe



The City of Del Mar anxiously awaits release of the 22nd Agricultural district’s (Fairboard’s) master plan and environmental impact report (EIR), due in September. As of this writing, it has been delayed. Concerns about the environmental impacts of proposed plans to pave a parking lot in the lagoon wetlands, to install a large, visually impacting electronic message board along I-5, and to construct a huge condo-hotel in public trust land at the river’s edge will likely engender close scrutiny of the plans by residents and agencies who advocate for the beauty and environmentally sensitive nature of the site. Early concerns were expressed by the City of Del Mar when tentative plans were released last year. Similiarly, when the EIR process first began, the Coastal Commission cautioned that “the fairgrounds is surrounded on three sides by open space”, that “the San Dieguito River forms the southern boundary of the site”, and that planning should not regard the site as “an area of commercial and residential development."

Once the EIR is released, public agencies and members of the public can review details of the plans, e.g., the height of the proposed hotel complex, and whether the playing fields proposed for its roof will be illuminated at night. The EIR process allows for the public to raise questions and formally register any concerns. Stay tuned. Get involved.


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