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Big Apple Perspective
Darrese and Sam Borgese | from New York City

You wake in the morning and walk to your favorite coffee or breakfast spot in five minutes; the Saturday farmers market has all organic, farm fresh produce, meats, poultry and dairy; you can walk miles along the water; there is a summer music festival each week on the grass area by the water and, people are walking, biking and running to stay fit.

Del Mar? No, New York City and our neighborhood along the Hudson River.

A neighborhood that is just one of many unique neighborhoods of New York City. There is Battery Park, Tribeca (Triangle below Canal), NoLita (North of Little Italy), SoHo (South of Houston), West Village, Chelsea or Greenwich Village and many more. All ten to fifteen square block areas that have developed a distinct character based on the personal tastes and activities of the people who have made these neighborhoods home.

And in these neighborhoods, like Del Mar, we see and read about residents who are passionate about maintaining the character of their neighborhood, concerned with the impact of commercial development on its physical charm and scale and engaged in the argument over the positive or negative influence of proposed changes to the status quo.

New York City reminds you that the natural desire for people to interact with each other on a human scale is basic to human nature. Despite the overwhelming amount of commerce or the scale of its physical massing, the residents of New York City retreat to their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that support small corner merchants, places to assemble for worship or public events, displays for culture and establishments to share a meal with friends to sit and discuss neighborhood, city or world events.

We so miss being away from our home and friends in Del Mar. When we return, we see the changes that have occurred since our last visit and we wonder if one day we will return to find a Del Mar that is not the Del Mar we left. Then again, we remember when we return to our New York City home, we find some old favorite spots are no longer in business and discover new business that look like they could be new favorites. However, we are always delighted to see the character of our New York neighborhood remains intact despite the turnover.

Hopefully whenever we return home to Del Mar we will always be able to make the same statement: that despite the turnover of businesses or physical changes, Del Mar’s unique character will always remain the same. The Farmers Market, the places for coffee and meals with friends, summer music festivals, walks along the water and people enjoying the activities of an active life in an extraordinary environment.


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