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Open Letter to Our Readers

from the Editors


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The Sandpiper is an all volunteer effort by a group of editors and hundreds of writers, rounding up news, opinions, and items of local interest ten months a year. The mission is to support our Community Plan which has guided the development and preservation of our small town character.

Even though the volunteers create the content, there are expenses for printing and mailing to all Del Mar households. These expenses amount to about $20,000 per year. Instead of subscriptions, the Sandpiper relies on donations to cover these expenses.
This year we decided to develop a long-range strategy for sustaining the paper’s financial underpinning by establishing a new category of giving called the “Publisher’s Circle.” Already, a group of Del Mar families has joined the Publisher’s Circle, pledging donations of $1,000 or more for each of the next three years. Their generosity provides more than half of our annual expenses.

We invite you to join in this effort by becoming a financial supporter of the Sandpiper. Please join and add your name to the Publisher’s Circle list or join one of the other circles listed below.

Publishers’ Circle $1000 per year for three years
Editors’ Circle $500-999 for one year
Writers’ Circle $100- 499 for one year

Included in this issue is an envelope that will enable you to mail your contribution. (Please be aware that donations are not tax deductible.)
Rosanne and Joel Holliday will host a Garden Party this month to honor all those donors who have generously given at the $100 plus level.
Please join us in support of this community asset at the level best for your family. We thank you in advance for your generosity. And we appreciate the following familes for joining the Publisher’s Circle:

Charlie & Lynn Gaylord
Rod Franklin
Pat JaCoby
Louise Keeling
Anonymous donor
Larry Schneiderman
Darrese & Sam Borgese
Giles Bateman & Doña Adler
Al & Steve Tarkington
Mary Ann & Bud Emerson
Vava Anderson
Rosanne & Joel Holliday


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