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Helen Glaser
The Consummate Del Mar Community Volunteer

Suzi Resnik | Candel


Photo Virginia Lawrence

“Del Mar is Paradise. We are so fortunate to be living here.”

From the first time I met Helen in 1994 until she passed away recently, she expressed her gratitude and passion about living in our beautiful community.
Helen not only appreciated Del Mar’s bounties; she acted on her feelings by continually contributing to the community as a volunteer in a variety of venues, including the local newspaper, the Chamber of Commerce and a host of community non-profit agencies.

She became involved in the community from the moment they moved here in 1985.
Working in the office of the Del Mar Times newspaper and the Chamber of Commerce, she became a walking encyclopedia of Del Mar persons, places, and events, knowing ”everybody” and everything that was happening. Helen liked to be where the action was. Making many friends she ultimately became a Board member with the Del Mar Historical Society, joined the Friends of the Powerhouse, and worked on the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation.

Helen pitched in during community events and relished working and socializing at the Chamber’s Sundowners, the Solstice celebrations, and fundraisers for the Del Mar TV Foundation when Pete Glaser, her husband of 59 years, was President. Where there was a need, Helen jumped right in. Del Mar will surely miss her.


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