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A Del Mar Day
Piper Underwood, Rimini

Photo Ann Gardner

I took my boys to Powerhouse Park today. We stopped at Starbucks where we purchased two chocolate milks and a latte. Then we headed around the corner to Brueggers, where we bought two cream cheese bagels. The boys enjoyed making faces in the mirror. Then we headed down to Powerhouse Park, where we ran into some friends. The boys watched a paraglider take off from the bluff and played tag on the newly surfaced playground. After about 3 hours of playing, we headed up the hill past the newly constructed sidewalk cafés (you can walk on that side of the street now) and turned right at the corner, ducking in for some shade at Earth Song. I picked up a copy of Discovering Del Mar’s Past. After our respite, we doubled back to Rumi Cafe where we enjoyed three turkey sandwiches, bananas, chips and finally ice cream. I ended up carrying my little one up the hill on my back. We cleaned up a bit, packed a cooler and headed back down the hill for the Concert in the Park…this time in the golf cart. Got a parking spot at 17th-Jackpot! They danced with Lucy, Anna, Jay, Merrily and Winslow while I sat back and enjoyed the music. Everyone was talking about the traffic from the Fair, but not me.


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