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100 Candles
Ann Gardner, Via Latina

Del Mar shares its birth date, 1959, with the extraordinary Torrey Pines State Reserve at our southern border. A recent essay in the Union Tribune by Del Mar resident and Torrey Pines Association President Peter Jensen reminds us that the Reserve became official in the same year that Del Mar took over the reins of self- government. And, just as extraordinary, both were saved by residents who convinced Cal-Trans in 1957 to change its plans for putting a new I-5 freeway along old 101.

It is hard to imagine an I-5 freeway with its ever-expanding lanes cutting through not only the community of Del Mar and the Reserve, but also the nearby coastal towns and lagoons. It is a reminder of the critical role residents play by speaking up and fighting for the community, its environment and its quality of life. As we celebrate our 50th birthday we are reminded of other examples: halting the development of a hotel resort in the San Dieguito Lagoon, saving Crest Canyon and Torrey Pines Extension from condos and buying the Powerhouse property for a community center, rather than a restaurant.

The discussions may be time consuming and strenuous and the votes close, but in the end an active participatory self-government has immeasurable rewards for everyone. For instance, read Peter’s full article “What Would Ellen Browning Scripps Say?” at signonsandiego.com and make your opinions known on the proposed closing of the Reserve at www.savestateparks.org.

And, by the way, the Reserve’s younger sibling, the Torrey Pines Extension, is holding its 35th anniversary celebration August 22. See the announcement box on page 7.


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