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The Way We Were by
Photos courtesy Del Mar Historical Society, compiled by Virginia Lawrence, Caminito Del Rocio, and Larry Brooks, 9th Street.

15th St - picture taken from in front of Jimmy O’s
looking at Del Mar Hotel cottages (where PO is today).


Camino Del Mar & where Hair Nursery & Wine/Cigar Shop were.
En Fuego is to the left today.


The Hotel Del Mar in 1960, today L’Auberge.


Shopping mall on the site of the current Plaza. 1963.


Camino Del Mar & 9th St - Today’s office building
is now where the Texaco station was, and the gas
station project is beyond it at 10th St.


The pier in1958. The pier was demolished by
Navy frogmen in 1959 after severe damage in winter storms.


Kockritz Stratford 1960. Looking west on south side of 15th. The arch goes into the photo gallery and Jimmy O’s is now next door. The ‘Cafe’ sign is where Sbicca is today.


The powerhouse before it became the POWERHOUSE.


St. James Catholic Church 1964. St. James then passed through
several transformations including two restaurants, an arts school, and
office space before being converted into the Del Mar Library in 1996.


The Town Market 1955. The market was where Earth Song and La
Boutique are today. The alley shown (with the truck) is where the little
park is today. There had been a market at that location since the
Kockritz building was built in early 1927.


The train station 1950.


The San Diegan 1950.


The Santa Fe coming through in 1964.


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