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Political Scuttlebutt
Bud Emerson, Klish

Rumors have suggested for some time that Del Mar’s popular Mayor, Crystal Crawford, is gearing up for a run at State office. Now confirmed by a recent UT article, Mayor Crawford is indeed running for the State Assembly seat currently held by Martin Garrick. Asked if she thinks it is realistic for the Democratic mayor of the smallest town in a majority Republican district to really think she has a chance to win, Mayor Crawford responded, “It is not about Democrats or Republicans or large cities versus small cities; it’s about getting things done. In Del Mar and at SANDAG, I’ve have been challenged repeatedly over the years to do more with less, and I’ve been able to work productively without regard to party affiliation. The reaction I am getting from people all over the county is frustration with partisanship in Sacramento driving the great state of California into an abyss. People aren’t voting for a particular party anymore; they are hungry for leaders who can bridge the partisan gap and develop sensible solutions for our future. I have that kind of bi-partisan track record, and the response to my candidacy thus far is extremely positive.”


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