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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Chuck Newton, Forest Way

After 37 years in downtown Del Mar, the Hair Nursery’s “lady barber in the window” is moving to Solana Beach.

The proprietor, Carol Faris, has always known that she might have to move her barber’s chair from its cozy space at 1342 Camino del Mar. And now it will be used by the En Fuego restaurant next door.

Unable to find a suitable space to rent in Del Mar, Faris set up her barber’s chair at 216 Cedros Ave., across from the Belly Up, as of June 1. The new name is Cedros Hair Design, Cuts for Men.

That echoes the “Haircuts for Men” sign that Carol put up in Del Mar in 1972, not sure whether gents wanted their hair cut by a woman. But a few came in, that first week. Then a few more, and before long she had a going business.

In 1951 she brought in Tracy Conkey to work the chair on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Carol works Wednesdays through Saturday mornings. This continues at the new location,.which has the same phone number–858 755-3344.

And the new place has a Del Mar connection. It is owned by children of the late Harvey Herzberg, once prominent in the Del Mar community.


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