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Arline Paa, 8th Street, with Carol Vernon, Dwyn Robbie, Pat Welsh, Beth LaHay, Gale Darling, Linda Chisari, and Mary Friestedt.

Recently the Del Mar Garden Club requested the members to submit water saving tips that everyone could use to conserve water in their homes and gardens. Here are some of their ideas:

1. If you put rocks around your plants, they will not dry out as quickly. This holds true of plants in pots, too.
2. Replace your thirsty lawn with pebbles, mulch or pine needles...Brown is beautiful!!!!
3. Take out any thirsty plants and replace them with draught friendly ones such as:

a. Jade Plant
b. Echium (Pride of Madeira-blue/purple/pink flowers)
c. Euphorbia wulfenii (chartreuse flowers)
d. Aeonium urbicans (rosette shaped)
e. Aeonium sunburst (smaller green/cream pink edges)
f. Othonna capensis (succulent with yellow flowers, never stops blooming)
g. Any ceanothus-favorite Ray Hartman twice year blossoms.
h. Society garlic

Most of these can survive with almost NO water.
4. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch...you do not have to water as much.
5. Save rainwater.
6. Early morning watering.
7. Flush your toilet infrequently.
8. Save water in a bucket when warming the water.
9. Save cooking water, water from vases, and your dog’s bowl. Dump the old water onto your plants.
10. Fall is a better time to plant new plants because the cooler, shorter days give the plants the opportunity to establish a good root growth.
11. Drip irrigation is much better at saving water than sprinkler.
12. Post notes in guest bathroom, kitchen, and laundry so others know how precious our water is.
13. Allow spaces in the garden. As you eliminate thirsty plants, you don’t always need to replace them with another plant. Perhaps just mulch over the spot or nestle an artistic rock over the spot. French cafe table and chairs or a comfortable bench give an open cherry feeling plus, a place to sit.
14. Crassula multicava makes a great ground cover for shade and once established survives without irrigation.
15. Wash full loads of dishes and clothes.
16. Turn off water while brushing your teeth.


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