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Bulldozers Gone and Bridge Open
May 2009 | Jacqueline Winterer, Ocean View


View of observation deck after heavy equipkment has left lagoon.  In the foreground San Dieguito Drive.  Photo: Jacqueline Winterer.

Two big events took place without much fanfare at the Lagoon last month. The heavy equipment that became so familiar to us as we traveled back and forth on I-5 left the area, marking near-completion of the Wetlands Restoration Project. Final work will be completed in September when bulldozers return to dredge clogging-sand between the ocean and Jimmy Durante Blvd. The dredging will keep the inlet open and the lagoon area a healthy wetlands habitat.

And on April 7, the City removed fencing at the Grand Avenue Bridge that is now open, finally, for public access. The temporary fencing was unexpectedly raised when the City of Del Mar became aware that the San Dieguito River Park standards for handicapped access were different than theirs. Happily the delay optimized installation of a handsome new entrance including directional bollards and parking spaces. Go take a look!

Grand Avenue Bridge from the West.  Photo: Stu Smith.


Grand Avenue Bridge.   Photo: Stu Smith.


Kelp caught on bridge.  (Evidence of good flow from ocean)  Photo: Stu Smith


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