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Have Your $ay
May 2009


May is a critical month for the citizens of Del Mar. Before long, the City Manager and staff will present the City Council with a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal years 2009-2020 and 2010-2011.

There are several opportunities in May for Del Mar residents to meet face-to-face with the designers of the budget and express their opinions regarding what is recommended. Do we support or object to some of the recommendations that the budgets reflect? Do we have suggested changes and recommendations regarding the allocation of funds, particularly those which support projects or programs that we deem critical, but are not included?

In the past there have been indications that council members listen to residents who devote time and energy to reviewing the budget and participating in the hearings. Local groups such as Del Mar Community Connections have requested and received funds. Such was also the case of groups requesting financial support for open space acquisition. Nothing supports our ideas and recommendations more than being present and voicing our opinion.

By the end of June the budgets will have moved beyond the proposal stage to become adopted guides for financial decision-making over the next two years.
There is no guarantee that individuals and groups will get everything they want. But one thing is for sure. We can speak now, or for the next two years, hold our peace.


Public budget workshops

Wednesday May 20th from 5:30 - 9:30 pm
Thursday May 21st from 1-5pm
at the TV Studio

Times and location subject to change so check to confirm the above at www.delmar.ca.us.

As soon as available, copies of the proposed budget will be available at www.delmar.ca.us or at City Hall for review or purchase.

These workshops will be broadcast on DMTV.


Water and Sewer Rates

The Del Mar City Council approved higher rates for water and sewer service for a five year period beginning July 1st. The new schedule of gradually rising rates each year is based on recommendations from a citizens' advisory committee and an expert consultant, and reflects increases in wholesale water costs and infrastructure replacement.

The Council also scheduled an appeal hearing on May 26 for anyone to express opposition to the increases. Written protests can be mailed to the City any time before the May 26 hearing.


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