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Yes, We Care: The DMCC Care Management Program
April 2009 | Darcy Mulholland, Care Manager for DMCC


Did you know that Care Management consultation services are now available for eligible residents of the City of Del Mar through Del Mar Community Connections? The purpose of the consultation is to provide senior or disabled adult residents with information to help them achieve the optimal level of care at home.

This service may be helpful in a wide variety of situations: the onset of new health problems, facing an upcoming surgery and planning for recuperation, or caring for a family member with medical problems. Others include dealing with matters related to dementia, psychiatric problems, or sudden changes in behavior that are difficult to comprehend and manage. In general, any circumstance that impairs the quality of life in the home might benefit from such a consultation.

The consultation is done by a professional geriatric care manager who has a background in social work, gerontology, counseling or nursing and has been trained specifically in matters related to aging. Darcy Mulholland is the Care Manager for DMCC.

Darcy Mulholland

The consultation takes place in the resident’s home. Darcy gathers a wide range of information regarding: medical history, current health issues, medications, and the ability to perform regular activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing, walking, bill paying, housework, transportation, shopping and meal preparation). Darcy will inquire about what current social support is already in place: often, friends, family, or neighbors are assisting. Her intent is to identify any areas of life where the resident might require some assistance.

After the information is gathered, Darcy analyzes what support and resources already exist and may recommend others while discussing the various options that are available. Recommendations can range from hiring a caregiver to requesting a work-up by a doctor, or to have some home modifications to ensure a safer environment.

You do not have to be facing a crisis to benefit from a consultation. In fact, often you can gain peace of mind by planning for needs you anticipate in the future. It is helpful to think about and discuss how you envision your life in the years to come, what you may anticipate to be obstacles, as a way of being prepared. A professional trained in this type of work can help you look at your situation objectively and discuss options.
These consultations are confidential and offered free through Del Mar Community Connections. To schedule your own in-home consultation, call 858-792-7565.
All proceeds from the Jerry Finnell Memorial Walk on May 16 will benefit the DMCC Care Management Program. Please walk with us to support this valuable service!

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