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Reining in Your Thirsty Landscape
April 2009 | Brooke Eisenberg-Pike, Ad Hoc Water Conservation Citizens' Advisory Committee, Chair


Graphic: Art Olson

In November the City Council adopted a resolution to form the Ad Hoc Water Conservation Citizens’ Advisory Committee. The committee membership is as follows: Rick Ehrenfeld and Robin Nordhoff representing the Planning Commission; Brooke Eisenberg-Pike representing the Design Review Board; Alan Rubin of the Parks and Recreation committee; and Daniel Nore of the Energy Issues Advisory Committee. There are also positions for the business community, however, thus far there have been no volunteers for those positions. At the committee’s first meeting on March 9, it was decided to include a member of the Lagoon Committee with knowledge of hydrology, Justin Kulongoski, and a landscape designer, Linda Chisari.
After the first meeting, the Council subcommittee, Don Mosier and Carl Hilliard, helped to sharpen the focus of the committee with regard to goals and purposes. They determined that the committee’s objective will be to design an education and outreach program that will promote water conservation in landscaping, guided by existing government codes and ordinances regarding landscape water usage. Since a Water Rates Committee already exists and has been meeting and reporting to the council, the Water Conservation committee will not be dealing with water rates.

The City Council is required to have the first reading of all water ordinances by their second meeting in June. That means this committee will have to complete its work by the first week in June. The committee will be meeting at 5PM on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at the City Hall Annex. Because of the relatively short time to complete its objective, public input will be extremely valuable, and is welcome at these meetings. The committee members look forward to hearing the public’s ideas about how to create the most effective programs to reach Del Mar residents with information about the most beautiful and least thirsty landscaping possible.



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