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The Greening of Downtown
April 2009 | Jennifer Grove, DMVA Executive Director


The DMVA, with the assistance of the City of Del Mar and Coast Waste Management, is in the midst of developing a three-part downtown recycling program. The first phase of the recycling program, utilizing temporary containers for recyclables during special events, will be put into action during the DMVA’s Summer Solstice celebration in June.
We are thrilled that we can start recycling with our special events. It is something we have been trying to put in place for quite awhile. The DMVA hopes to have its second phase of the downtown recycling program in place soon, involving permanent containers for trash and recycling situated throughout downtown Del Mar.

Currently, we are pursuing grants through the California Department of Conservation so that we can replace our current trash cans with approximately 25 to 30 brand new permanent receptacles that hold both trash and recyclables. If we don’t qualify for a full grant, then we plan to start a pilot program utilizing five or six trash and recyclable containers. With Coast Waste Management’s assistance, we would then track how much recycling is deposited and the impact it could have on landfills.
For the past several months, the DMVA has been meeting with the Del Mar Fairgrounds and speaking with neighboring cities to determine the most effective way to start a downtown Del Mar recycling program. We have also been working with a company which has created trash and recyclable containers for Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach and Laguna Beach to determine the most appropriate container for downtown Del Mar.

The third phase of the recycling program involves the DMVA, along with the City and Coast Waste Management, introducing a recycling education program for downtown businesses.



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