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Editorial: Let's Go Green!
April 2009

The tendency in tough economic times is to tighten up and pull back, hoping that the future will bring more promise of opportunity. For some, however this is a time to take stock and consider some fundamental changes in our way of doing business. Taking action instead of wallowing in our misery can often be therapeutic as well as uncovering opportunities. Perhaps some such opportunities exist for our community at this time.

We suggest that the drought and energy crises may give us an opening to try to alter the way we operate as a community--helping to solve some problems now and improve the quality of our lives at the same time. Can we as individual families and as a community say that the way we currently use the natural resources of water, food, and energy is sustainable in the long run?

Our answer is “no.” We are using resources well beyond this and future generations’ fair share. Cutting back may help in the short run, but what is needed are transformational changes.

We suggest that the core values and creative capabilities of the citizens of Del Mar can be mobilized to make our community a model of sustainability for the future. We are offering these pages for you to submit your ideas on how we can use resources responsibly. The focus of your submissions should be local and individual, family and neighborhood, city-wide--someone else can work on the global. Perhaps we can create a local model which can become global.



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