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What Exactly Is The DMVA?
March 2009 | Jennifer Grove, DMVA Executive Director


DMVA is not a Chamber of Commerce and it is not a Merchant Association. DMVA is a non-profit organization implementing the Main Street Approach™ for downtown revitalization and supporting the Del Mar Community Plan vision for a vital downtown Del Mar.

The Main Street Approach™ is a grassroots program designed to unite local residents with downtown merchants and commercial property owners to develop and implement projects to strengthen historic commercial districts and make them a great place to live, work and visit. Following this Main Street Approach™, DMVA Board members include an equal number of active residents and downtown interests committed to enhancing the quality of life in the Village of Del Mar while preserving its history and unique character. DMVA residents include Sissy Alsabrook, Mary Lou Amen, Larry Brooks, Sara Harnly, Greg Allen, Bettina Experton, Sharon Hilliard and Nancy Johnson Sanquist. DMVA business owner representatives include Rebecca Bartling, 22nd Agricultural District; Walt Beerle, Union Bank; Mathew Bergman, Folio Design; Melanie Bivens, Soul Shine; Craig Fravel, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club; Andrea Hirashiki, Pacifica Del Mar; Reyna Powers, Del Mar Plaza; Don Johnson, 15th Street commercial property owner; and Mike Slosser, L’Auberge Del Mar.

The Del Mar Community Plan envisioned an economically viable, pedestrian oriented and attractive downtown serving the needs of both residents and visitors. DMVA Board Members are working hard to implement this vision with many new and continuing revitalization projects in 2009.


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