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Build, Sit, Read 
February 2009 | by Piper Underwood, Rimini


If ever you are met face to face with a boa constrictor, the children’s section of the Del Mar Library is NOT where you want to be. I’m not talking about on the pages of Saint-Exupery’s, The Little Prince; I’m talking about live from the Reptile Guy’s cage during a recent program at the Del Mar Library.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite fond of the children’s section. It is cozy, well-supplied with nooks and alcoves that would draw any youngster to nestle up with a good book or puzzle. For that matter, I don’t have anything against boa constrictors; I just don’t care to meet one in this confined setting.

As mothers, we go into these scenarios prepared with our best bribes: m&ms, lollipops, and stickers. Even with our bag of tricks, however, we know there are days we will not be able to get through the “Reptile Guy” at the library. Thus begins our delicate tiptoe through the toddlers to the exit.

For this reason alone, I am grateful that the Del Mar Library is nearing completion on its 586 square foot addition. Due to open in April, the room is designated for quiet study, programs, community gatherings, and speakers, and will not house any books.
The space will be replete with internet hook-ups and furnishings funded by a $7,000 grant from the Del Mar Farmer’s Market. $200,000 was made available by County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price through Community Enhancement Funds. An additional $50,000 was pledged by the Friends of the Del Mar Library.

I think you’ll find that the new addition is a welcome one. The architecture of Joe Nelle has successfully integrated the new with the old. By mirroring the pitched gables of the existing roof, Joe Nelle has maintained the library’s storybook facade.
The new roof is constructed of Class “A” fire retardant materials. At this time, the library has the funding only to re-roof the new addition. For the fourth pig living in a house full of paper, the re-roofing of the original structure will be essential, especially when the wolf comes howling Santa Ana winds.

As for me, I will be content to sit with E.M. Forster in A Room with a View.



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