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The $41/36 Campaign for the Del Mar Shores Park!


The Friends of Del Mar Parks have redefined their campaign to encourage a higher level of participation of Del Mar residents in raising enough money to complete the acquisition of the Shores school property on Ninth Street.

Their logo of $41/36 suggests how each family can participate at an affordable level, pledging $41 for 36 months. $41 a month represents a casual dinner for two or a week’s worth of lattes and newspapers; but over 36 months this adds up to a total of almost $1500. If 2,000 Del Mar families can help, our community goal will be reached.

The overall campaign goal is $8.5 million, of which $3.5 million still needs to be raised to retire the loan signed by the City of Del Mar to assure the property remains permanently open recreational and educational space.



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