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Evolution of the Sandpiper
December 2008 | Bud Emerson


Chuck Newton, Editor in Chief when the Sandpiper was founded in 1997

The Sandpiper was conceived in the ‘90s by a group of citizens who felt that Del Mar’s Community Plan was central to the story of how the community developed. It would be a forum for all, but especially for those newcomers who were attracted to this unique community but did not know its history or core values.

At the time there was a publication being circulated that dealt in ugly personal attacks. Many were concerned that it reflected badly on our community as a whole, as its authors refused to identify themselves. The Sandpiper was born as an antidote to this nefarious paper. Its authors were KNOWN TO BE members of our community.

Over the years, the paper has proven to be a useful and credible forum for a variety of news and views in our community. Volunteer authors number well into the hundreds. For years, editing and producing the paper was a time-consuming and stressful challenge. We are indebted to a series of heroic citizens who managed to crank out a quality product every month. Bouquets to all who served so nobly: Chuck Newton, Gay Hugo Martinez, John Kerridge, Penny Abell, Jacqueline Winterer.

For the past two years we have been engaged in an experiment to produce the paper with an editorial board, ably led by Carol Kerridge and Shirley King. Responsibilities have been distributed among board members so that no one individual has had to endure the back-breaking pressure of putting out the paper alone. This experiment has been dramatically successful. We have developed a system that is efficient and requires only a few hours a month from each board member. Of course, we are blessed with a large cadre of volunteer authors. Feedback from our readers seems to confirm that the quality endures.

We intend to continue this group approach and are now at the point where we need to expand the editorial board membership. Our goal is to achieve more diversity in terms of age, skills, and backgrounds. The one unifying prerequisite is a commitment to Del Mar’s Community Plan.

Please consider this an open invitation to members of the community who might be interested in joining our Board. To express your interest and to learn more, please call one of the following Board members:

Bud Emerson
Shirley King
Mark Whitehead

or send an email to the editor




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