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Cathy’s Perspective: Just One More
December 2008 | Catherine Danola, a High School Junior


Ever since many of us were young, the idea of having a dog of our own was nothing less than a wonderful dream. A pet that is man’s best friend, a walking companion, and a loving family member. What more could a kid ask for? There are the golden retrievers, labs, and poodles; but, what about the mix of a Chinese crested and a pug? What about the dogs that can’t be traced back to a specific breed? Those are the dogs that are left out of the calendar pictures, but have somehow found their way into many homes in Del Mar.

In my last article, I asked for stories from those who have rescued their dogs. One of the responses that I found to be most interesting was from Shirley King. Shirley rescued two dogs, Lexus and Penny. At first, she and her husband did not take much interest in dogs; however, 15 years ago, a Lexus hit a dog and left her for dead. Witnesses took the injured dog for surgery and later took her to an animal shelter. Shirley and her husband learned about the dog from a friend and decided to adopt her. They appropriately named her Lexus. Even though Lexus is losing her sight and hearing, she continues to be a loyal friend. Nine years ago, Lexus was joined by a second dog, Penny. Shirley found Penny through a friend who took in a pregnant, abandoned dog in Lakeside that gave birth to eleven pups, the first of which was Penny. Shirley now takes her dogs to the Shores field where Penny, being the more active of the two dogs, retrieves balls for Shirley while Lexus sits on the side-lines and enjoys treats from Shirley.

After interviewing Shirley, I realized just how nice it would be to adopt another pet. I have suggested this idea to my parents, but for some reason my dad isn’t interested. Even after I explained the positive aspects of having a new family member, he refuses to consider the idea because of his make-believe “allergies.” Despite his disapproval, I have looked at the cats for adoption on the internet and found one that I adore. My childhood would be complete with just one more pet. I wonder what the age requirement is to adopt a cat?



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