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Adiós, Mis Hermanos!
December 2008 | Crystal Crawford, City Council Member


Estimados Henry y Dave,


The Sandpiper asked me to write an article about your retirement from the City Council. I’ve been thinking about it for days. How in the world can I express in so few words what it’s been like to serve with you for so many years? How can I describe, without it being too personal, what it’s been like to work with two of the smartest guys I know, as fellow council members, as dedicated community leaders, as mentors, and, ultimately, as trusted friends--my big brothers?
But try as I might, nothing seemed to describe the measure of you two men or what your leadership has meant to me as a fellow councilmember or, more important, to the community and the region at large.

After serving together for so long now, ten years with Dave and eight with Henry, I figure we’ve attended at least 300 meetings, some lasting for hours and others lasting for days. That doesn’t even include the hundreds of other official meetings you attended on the Council’s behalf – the city advisory committee meetings; the regional meetings at NCTD, SANDAG, and other agencies; the meetings with other local, state, and federal officials; and then of course the meetings with hundreds, if not thousands, of Del Mar residents over your many years in service. I can’t even begin to estimate those numbers – I’m not sure that even you, Henry, could come up with a formula for figuring out how many meetings you’ve attended!
We’ve tackled issues large and small, some unifying, others divisive, and others downright daunting. We’ve been together through all kinds of situations. We’ve been both delighted and annoyed with each other through the years. But I can’t remember a single time when you have ever let me down. The wonderful and amazing thing about each of you is that I have never once doubted your integrity, your sincerity, or your genuine service to the community.

Of course, there are many talented elected officials in the region, but I think we have something special here in Del Mar. You were never mean-spirited or selfish or disrespectful. Instead you welcomed me to the council with open arms. You offered me support while having confidence in my abilities and in our team.. With your help, I learned how to uphold our community’s values and our process. You taught me about leadership, commitment, and compromise.

Most important, I could always count on you – to do what you said you would, to keep us informed, to represent our community with integrity and honor, to act within the scope of what our council decided even when you might disagree, to contribute to the dialogue regardless of the subject, and to truly care about the welfare and well-being of our city and our region. It’s been an honor, guys. In fact, it’s been downright fun, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the pleasure of serving together all these years.

Con muchos abrazos,


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