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Ballot 08: Is There Life Beyond Del Mar?
November 2008 | By Gordon Clanton

The quality of life in Del Mar is impacted by political decisions made beyond our borders. Space will not allow discussion of all items on this year’s ballot, but here are a few comments:

Brian Bilbray

US Represntative: 50th District. Democrat Nick Leibham is mounting a strong challenge to Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray. In 2006, Bilbray narrowly defeated Democrat Francine Busby to win the seat vacated by the disgraced, imprisoned, Republican Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

Bilbray moved from Imperial Beach to Carlsbad to be eligible for this Republican majority district. A prominent spokesman for cracking down on illegal immigration, he voted against the financial rescue plan and the GI Bill of Rights.

Nick Leibham

In contrast, Leibham, a former prosecutor, advocates a comprehensive solution to immigration, favored the rescue plan and the G.I. Bill of Rights. He has a strong organization, has raised tons of money, and is running as a moderate targeting the district’s large independent voter segment, as well as moderate Republican women.

The Democratic Party designated this contest as one of two critical California HR races.  MiraCosta Community College District. This board has been dysfunctional for a long time, very polarized, divided 4-3 on most key issues. Now, accreditation is at risk.

The key race is George McNeil, a retired teacher, vs. majority incumbent and Board chair Carolyn Batiste.

Two minority incumbents, Jacqueline Simon and Gloria Carranza are teaming with McNeil on a platform of returning the board to its primary objective of effectively preparing young people of our area for higher education and for the work world.

San Dieguito High School District Board. Vote for two. Incumbents, Beth Hergesheimer and Joyce Dallasandro have been very effective on this board.

Prop 1. Your YES vote finally starts a long term project to create a high speed rail system in California.

Prop 4. Your YES vote requires physicians to notify parents before performing an abortion for a minor. Your NO vote protects minors in abusive homes who would be forced to seek illegal medical procedures.

Prop 6. Your YES vote mandates spending for law enforcement at the expense of other programs such as school, health care, and fire protection.

Prop 8. Your YES vote overturns court legalization of marriage between two consenting adults, regardless of gender. Your NO vote leaves marriage decisions to private individuals.

Prop 11. Your YES vote creates a complex process for drawing state legislative boundaries. Your NO vote rejects a process that is not accountable to voters.

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