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November 2008 | By David Scherer

Del Mar has several civic-minded groups enhancing our city.  Photo courtesy of Linda Chisari.

Have you noticed that a lot of cities have programs called Adopt-a-Street or Adopt-a-Highway?  The City Council has approved guidelines for citizens and businesses to adopt a public place within the City of Del Mar through a new program called Adopt-a-Spot.  Del Mar has several volunteer and civic minded groups enhancing our City, such as, the Garden Club’s maintenance of that special “Spot” in front of the Post Office.  Now you can donate your time and talents to enhance the charm and beauty of your neighborhood. 

The Garden’s Club’s “Spot” in front of the Post Office, as it appeared just after it was planted in April, 1991. Photo courtesy of Linda Chisari.

The Adopt-a-Spot program was developed with the support of the Parks and Recreation Committee and reviewed by other civic groups such as the Del Mar Village Association, Garden Club, Keep Del Mar Clean and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

Essentially, all City owned land, streets, rights-of-way, pathways, trails, bus stops and other public spaces needing litter management, beautification and/or vegetation management may be adopted by citizens and businesses.  Adoptees will provide labor, planning and on-going coordination of regular activities for their “Spot.”  Applications may be secured through the Public Works Department.  The City will need to know the location of the “Spot”, the planned volunteer effort for the public space, and resources requested of the City.  The City will assist through notification of adjacent property owners to solicit additional volunteers for the project.  Furthermore, the City will assist with providing needed resources such as the loan of safety vests or traffic cones.  Guidance for significant alterations proposed for the “Spot” will be provided by the Parks and Recreation Committee in the and downtown, the DMVA.  The Fire and Planning Departments will review requests for new plantings to make sure they are fire safe.  Community Services will review requests for new “Doggie” bag dispensers.

Applications: Contact Public Works (858) 755-3294 or email grouppublicworks@delmar.ca.us

David Scherer is the Del Mar Public Works Director.


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