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Del Mar has worked very diligently
for decades to build a community that we proudly enjoy and is widely admired in the region and around the state. Our tiny population of 4,000+ has achieved a nice balance of beaches, parks, neighborhoods, environment, and business. Every year, literally millions of visitors are welcomed here to enjoy our community with us.

Creating this kind of community environment is not without cost. Our City Councils have done a remarkable job over the decades of managing our resources prudently, but with our appetite for continuous improvement, our financial challenges are greater than ever.  The citizens of Del Mar shoulder a disproportionate share of this financial burden.

Our many visitors enjoy the benefits but pay very little of the costs associated with those benefits. Visitors certainly would not be attracted to our town if we were not paying for lifeguarding, fire protection, traffic control, law enforcement, street repair, sewer and water, beautification, environmental protection, and public works.

One of our main sources of revenue is the Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) which is paid by hotel visitors for every night they stay. Our current rate is 10.5%. Most other cities in the region and state are assessing TOT at 13%.

Our Council has placed a proposition on the ballot that would allow them to raise the TOT rate to 13%, comparable to other cities. We think this a reasonable way to ask visitors to pay their fair share of our city costs.

We urge you to consider Proposition H very carefully and see if you agree with our conclusion to support getting a fair share from visitors.


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