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Shores Site Update: New Non-Profit to Aid Purchase
October 2008 | by Pat JaCoby

The Campaign for Del Mar Shores is moving ahead to reach its goals to enhance the beauty, resources and spirit of Del Mar. The Friends of Del Mar Parks has recently formed as a non-profit California corporation to lead the Campaign, separate from The Winston School, the Campaign’s fiscal agent for the past year. The new organization has a mission to acquire, enhance, preserve and support recreational, educational and open space in the Del Mar area for the benefit of the greater Del Mar community.

The Friends have recently approved its Bylaws and fiscal year budget, which is targeted at $108,500, or 2.7% of the projected contributed income for the year. As non-profits go, that is extremely low – most run at an average 20–25% expense ratio. And like others of its Del Mar non-profit colleagues, they have recruited and retained professional management for the campaign. 

“We have been very successful in our fundraising efforts to date,” says Joe Sullivan, Friends of Del Mar Parks founding president. “We know we have a ways to go to reach the $8.5 million goal, and can only complete this campaign with experienced and professional counsel.” 

The Campaign worked for the first year with Underwood & Associates, a professional fundraising consultancy firm also used by Friends of the Del Mar Library in the early 1990s. “As we entered the next phase of the campaign, we knew we needed a more local advisor who could dedicate more time. We were fortunate that Barbara Mandel Pache, a 28-year Del Mar resident and fundraising professional, was available,” adds Sullivan. Mandel Pache has more than 20 years experience in non-profit management and fundraising.

The fiscal year budget includes expenses for planned events on the site, and for a plaque honoring contributors to the campaign. “This campaign will take everyone’s effort, as Del Mar has never attempted to raise $8.5 million for community enhancement before,” adds Sullivan. “We want to recognize and honor all those who have taken a leadership role.”

One recent event was hosted by the new San Diego Coastal Chamber of Commerce, which is a merger of the Greater Del Mar Chamber and those of La Jolla, Solana Beach and Carmel Valley. The first Lobster Festival, held on a balmy September 13 evening, was a great way to introduce new people to Del Mar Shores Park. A portion of the proceeds benefitted the Campaign, netting an additional $3,000 to the Friends of Del Mar Parks’ bank balance.

“For those community members who have been waiting to make contributions or get involved, the waiting is over,” says Sullivan. “With the City’s name on the deed, it is in the best interest of the community to raise the remaining $3.5 million as soon as possible to reduce interest expense on the debt balance. It is our community, and our jewel on the south end of town – it is also our responsibility.”

City Council has made it clear at recent Council meetings that there are no General Fund resources available to pay either the outstanding debt or financing expenses. For more information, visit the website at www.delmarshores.org or call Barbara Mandel Pache at 858-481-4201.

Hilliard Home Opening
To Benefit the Shores Property

If you would like to see the remodeled Hilliard home, mark your calendar for Sunday, October 19 at 1 pm. The Hilliards will be holding an open house and providing tours of their new home.  There’s no charge for the visit, but you can make a deductible donation toward the purchase of the Shores Property. All Del Mar residents are invited.



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