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Are We Ready, Del Mar?
October 2008 | by Patrick O’Nei

Del Mar CERT members learn about emergency shelter management.

It was only a year ago when the rapidly spreading Witch firestorm came within five miles of our City boundaries. Do you look more closely at news reports now describing wild fires in our region?

The City of Del Mar has made many efforts to apprise residents of the guidelines to improve the fire safety in your home and neighborhood. Have you made any changes that make your immediate surroundings less fire-friendly? Have you taken advantage of the free fire risk inspections of your home and yard by our local firemen (755-1522)?

Congratulations to 9 Del Mar residents who recently completed the CERT Shelter Management Training at the Fairgrounds:

Stuart Smith, Hilda Renner, Richard Earnest, Claire McGreal, Tom McGreal, David Oberlin, Mike Mosakowski, David Paa, and Carol Kerridge.

Once again, the City of Del Mar and the Del Mar Fire Department are offering a free pick-up of limbs, brush and other vegetation (less than a pick-up load) to be removed on your normal trash day right at your own curb. This pick-up is scheduled for the week of Oct 6.

Patrick O’Neil is Captain in the Del Mar Fire Department.



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