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Cathy’s Perspective
Rescuing Man’s Best Friend

September 2008 | By Catherine Danola


A dog is a man’s best friend and it is normal for humans to give anything they can to help a dog indistress. Whether it be a handful of food or a new loving home, a dog always returns the favor with unconditional love. Many residents of Del Mar have rescued dogs in their own way.

1. Adopting a Dog from an Animal Shelter
When my parents finally gave in and decided our family could get a dog, they decided that instead of buying a pure bred, it would be better to adopt from Helen Woodward. We thought that adopting our mutt was considered a rescue, but the real rescue occurred later that day when we saved Max after he had fallen into the swimming pool roughly 10 minutes after we had welcomed him to our happy home.

2. Rescuing a Dog from the Streets
Crystal Crawford, a resident of Del Mar, and Conrad Herring rescued Sophie (to the right) who was a stray in Baldwin Park. Herring found Sophie behind a large office building looking for food where she quickly accepted Herring because he always carried dog food in his truck. Crawford and Herring originally intended to find a home for Sophie. But Crawford fell in love with her, and Sophie is now Crawford’s trusty hiking companion. You can see them walking the streets and canyons of Del Mar.

3. Rescuing a Dog from the Jaws of a Coyote
A few weeks ago, my cousin’s dog, Emma, found herself inside the mouth of a coyote in her own backyard. My cousin’s father came to the rescue and chased the coyote until it dropped Emma and ran off. Emma was rushed to the vet where she received several stitches and drains to cure her from the coyote’s bite. I saw her today and she is now doing surprisingly well and wears a shirt to cover the bald spot from the stitches.

These are only a few stories about the ways residents of Del Mar have saved dogs from harm. I am not sure if it is the dog or the “rescuer” that benefits more from these rescues.



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