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CERT - Can Everyone
eally Try?

September 2008 | By Carol Kerridge


Here we are once again approaching a fire season that has been preceded by drought, high temperatures, and a bit of indifference!

It hasn’t even been a year ago that parts of our own town were evacuated, and yet some residents seem to be denying that their own dead foliage, cluttered gutters, and overhanging trees can become fast-burning fuel for random hot embers that are spread in seconds by out-of-control Santa Ana winds. Perhaps they haven’t heard that seven out of the 10 most severe fire seasons in the US over the last century have occurred in the last nine years.

But saying this, it’s only fair to congratulate the many Del Martians who have worked with their neighbors to clear away dead brush in nearby canyons or lent a hand in helping to make each other’s homes and property less flammable. Many people have even called our local fire department (755- 1522) to ask for their free help in clearing the fire fuel surrounding their home.

Another group of residents (spread throughout town) have been trained to help their neighbors if in fact a disaster should occur. You may know one of these CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers. They are frequently attending programs to keep informed of lessons learned during previous fires or other disasters. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions, or better yet, think seriously about attending the next free training session yourself. The next training session begins on Oct. 28. Please call Patrick O’Neal, of the Del Mar Fire Department for information, 755-1522.



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