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City Council Election A Done Deal?
September 2008 | By Wayne Dernetz


The August 13 deadline to qualify for the November 4 City Council election ended with only three candidates filing to run for the three open seats. The candidates are Carl Hilliard, the lone incumbent seeking re-election; Mark E. Filanc, a 12-year veteran of the City’s Planning Commission, and Donald Mosier, a five-year veteran of the Design Review Board. This may be the first city council election in Del Mar’s 50 year history in which there is no competition.  Some Del Mar residents thought it “shocking” not to have a choice of candidates to pick from.  Other residents see it as an opportunity.  (See editorial )

Even though the outcome is certain (a single vote will elect each of the three candidates), California’s elections laws require the election to be held if there are City measures to be voted on. This November, Del Mar has two measures on the ballot – approval of the Garden Del Mar project, and an increase in the hotel tax rate. While City residents will not be denied the opportunity to vote for City Council candidates, their choices are limited. 

Carl Hilliard (left), an attorney and business executive, was first elected to the City Council in 2004. Carl resides on Crest Road with his wife Sharon. 

Mark Filanc (center) resides on Forest Way with his wife, Kim and two children. He heads the J. R. Filanc Construction Company, specializing in water and wastewater treatment facilities, and holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and an M.S. in Civil Engineering.

Don Mosier (right) has lived in Del Mar since 1985. He resides on Rimini Road with his wife Ann and their three sons. Don holds a Ph.D. and an M.D. and conducts medical research for the Scripps Research Institute. 

In the October and November issues that follow, the Sandpiper will present responses from the candidates to a series of questions about significant issues facing the community. We will explore the candidates’ ideas and views on the Del Mar Community Plan; the proposed Downtown Specific Plan; improving the City’s financial condition; financing the City’s debt on the Shores property; the City’s relationship with the Fair Board; the downtown parking shortage; traffic congestion along Camino del Mar; and limiting “cut-through” traffic in residential areas. 

If you have other issues you would like to see addressed, please send them to us at: editor@delmarsandpiper.org.



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