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We Know What You're Doing…
July 2008 | by Susan Miller


The Sandpiper recently asked some Del Mar students, “What are your summer plans?” Here are their replies.

Jasmine, 7th grader at Francis Parker Middle School : “I'll be doing gymnastics camp, UCSD writing camp, a trip to Michigan for my grandma's 80 th birthday, an Alaskan cruise with my good friend, and Junior Theater camp with a bunch of my school friends.”

Claire, pre-schooler at Hanna Fenichel: “I will get my ears pierced and have a sleep over”... Claire's mom notes that she's not sure she's on the same page about the ear piercing.

Benton, 5th grader at Del Mar Hills Academy: “I'm going on a road trip to San Francisco from here, getting to see a bunch of my cousins, going to Reno for the 4th of July,  going to Hawaii for my birthday, doing Jr. Lifeguards... not much really.”

Louis, 4th grader at Del Mar Hills Academy: “I'll play video games in the basement and play pranks on my brother.”

Rex, Sophomore at San Dieguito Academy: “I am going on a family vacation to Paris and London and then by myself to Costa Rica to attend a Spanish immersion and surf program.”

Samantha, Senior at San Dieguito Academy: “I'm going to Paris & London with my family then on to Ghana , West Africa with Projects Abroad. We'll be working on re-building a school and volunteering at a local orphanage. When I return, I'll work at Starbucks and ride and compete with my horse.”

Brianna, Freshman at Canyon Crest Academy : “I'll be hanging out with all my relatives for a family reunion here in July, playing lots of soccer, doing Junior Lifeguards, and in August my family and I will go to Hawaii for a week.”

Claire, 5th grader at Del Mar Hills Academy: ”I'll be doing a musical, Really Rosie, with San Diego Junior Theatre and I will play Chicken Soup, Rosie's younger brother. I'll do a sleep away camp at Raintree Ranch and am going to Yosemite National Park in an RV. Finally I will go to see Wicked, a Broadway production, with my uncle and my brothers and my sister.”

Paul, 2nd grader at Del Mar Hills Academy: ”I'm going to Outpost camp, Yosemite National Park , and will see Wicked with my family and my uncle. I'll also go to Surf Camp and do sleepovers on weekdays!”



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