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Cathy’s Perspective: Differing Ideas about Summer
July 2008 | by Catherine Danola


Summer is finally here! Teenagers have wrapped up final exams, put an end to a long school year, and headed on to bigger and better things, or so they thought. Like many other students, I am looking forward to a summer full of free time, but my mother has different ideas for me this summer.

My Mom's Ideas  My Ideas
- To lather on copious amounts of sunscreen every morning

- To lay out all day on the beach with tanning oil to get a nice golden tan

- To read lots of books

- To catch up on all of the shows and movies I missed during the school year. There must be twenty CSI Miami episodes that I haven’t seen yet.

- To eat most of my meals at home. They are healthier.

- To eat all of my meals at Board and Brew and Del Mar Pizza. The food always tastes better out. I am certainly not going to pass up the deep fried Snickers at the fair. Like I always say, I’m only going to be a teenager once

- To religiously attend, and study for my SAT review class, that way I will get into a good college.

- To call in “sick” to nearly all of my SAT review classes. With the beach, I really don’t have time to think about college. I did that all school year long.

- To clean out all of my drawers and take all of my extra clothes to the Goodwill

- To buy even more clothes to add onto the mess in my drawers. I will clean them out, along with my closet, when I go to college in two years.

- To go to the gym every morning to get some exercise

- To go to the gym when I feel like it, which will probably be during my SAT review class. I will lounge by the pool and eat junk food from the snack bar.

- To get a summer job and learn the value of a dollar.

- To pay for food and clothes with allowance from my parents. What can I buy with minimum wage anyway?

After contemplating my mom’s list, I have decided that I will incorporate two of her ideas into my summer: to use sunscreen and to go to the gym every morning. I realize that a tan is not worth a possible melanoma and getting in shape will compensate for the lack of that tan. Oh, and going to that SAT review course, I’ll probably do that too. Who knows, maybe next summer I will clean out my drawers.

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