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Shores Site Secured for Community
June 2008


Del Mar announced that the purchase of the Shores property from the School District officially closed on May 21. The property consists of 5.3 acres at Ninth Street and includes some of the last remaining open space in the community. 

The purchase was made possible by numerous contributions to the Campaign for Del Mar Shores and supporters of the Winston School . The fundraisers successfully garnered over $5 million in less than a year to ensure the success of this acquisition. 

Joe Sullivan, co-chair of the Campaign says "the Shores committee is pledged to find the remaining $3.5M to pay off the City note to the School District . That campaign kicks off with an open house at the Shores on Sunday, June 1."

“We are very pleased that the long negotiation has culminated in acquiring this asset for the community and that we now have the Shores property under the City's control for the benefit of the public,” said Deputy Mayor Crystal Crawford. 

School District Board and staff will continue to occupy the property for up to three years. "We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the Winston School whose students will continue to make this property their home. The City Council extends our deepest thanks to all of those who have contributed their time and money to ensure that this property is secured for the benefit of our community now and in the future,” said Councilmember Carl Hilliard.


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