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Del Mar Election Watch
June 2008 | by Bud Emerson


Three seats on the Del Mar City Council will be up for the voters to make a choice in November. Prospective council members will declare their candidacies by early August. This will be the first in a series to track candidates and campaign activities between now and November.

In recent weeks several names of prospective candidates have been surfacing around the community. Incumbent Carl Hilliard has made it very explicit that he will be running for re-election to a second term. Incumbent three-term councilmembers Dave Druker and Henry Abarbanel have been very clear that they do not plan to run for reelection. Planning Commission member Mark Filanc has stated explicitly that he plans to run for one of the seats. Design Review Board member Don Mosier has stated explicitly that he plans to run for one of the seats.

Other names have appeared in rumors and discussions around town: Wayne Dernetz; Sherryl Parks ; and Sam Borgese. In response to inquiries from the Sandpiper, none of them indicated a willingness to declare.

We invite readers to pass on to us any credible rumors or behavioral indicators of prospective candidacies for future issues of the Sandpiper.



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