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Scavenger Hunt for Mother Nature
May 2008 | by Gale Bakker


Del Mar beautification means a lot of different thing to a lot of different people, but to the members of the Del Mar Garden Club it means plants. You have probably seen Garden Club volunteers, many of whom are your neighbors, early in the morning planting, watering and maintaining, our downtown areas. Each of our 36 members is responsible for choosing an area to work on, whether it be the beautiful garden at the post office, the containers in front of Del Mar's many retail businesses, the walking path just south of Earth Song, or the gardens at the crosswalks. Each member is passionate about making our town a beautiful place to walk through.

Many of you have generously supported our fundraisers in the past; the Cookbook Kickoff, Sunset Garden Party, and seasonal garden tours have made it possible to fund the scenic view on Crest, the tennis-court garden, and the Coast Boulevard medians

This year the DMGC presents its first Mother Nature Scavenger Hunt at the Powerhouse on Sunday, May 18 at 3:30pm. Join us for a challenging fun-filled afternoon of solving riddles and clues as you and your team of two to six adult players answers clever questions on a mapped route through downtown Del Mar. Light refreshment will be served after the hunt. There will be prizes for the winners. Please arrive twenty minutes early. One hundred percent of our proceeds will go into planting, and beautifying our town. Buy your tickets online at www.delmargardenclub.com. Ticket sales close May 15.


Gale Bakker is a member of the Del Mar Garden Club.



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