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Earthquake Likelihood Heightened
May 2008 | by Carol Kerridge


A new forecast of earthquake probabilities in the State of California has just been released. Recent multi-disciplinary collaborative studies have shown that the likelihood of a major quake in the Southern California region in the next 30 years, is 59%.

Be prepared to help in your home and in your neighborhood in case of any type of disaster until professional services have arrived.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, which covers basic skills for lay people, offers just this kind of preparation.

The next set of classes starts on May 6 and continues for two additional Tuesday nights and three Saturday mornings throughout May.

For more information, please contact Patrick O'Neil, Del Mar Fire Dept. 858 755-1522 or



Carol Kerridge is a CERT graduate and is the team leader for neighborhoods in the south end of Del Mar.



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