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Paradise Del Mar, a Dream Come True
May 2008 | by Catherine Danola


As May approaches, I have been longing for summer vacation. School is coming to an end, the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer. It is almost here, I can't wait. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Much to my surprise, my mother recently expressed an interest in retiring in Kauai , after visiting the area during my Spring break. While most people would consider moving to that tropical paradise a dream come true, I think such a move would be a big mistake. So, for my mother, I have come up with 10 reasons to stay in Del Mar:

Roosters do not wake you at the crack of dawn. In Kauai , there must be two roosters for every man, woman and child.

There is little risk of hurricane, and homes do not have to be raised on top of large poles as they are in Kauai .

The sun does not shine with the same intensity as in Kauai , and it is easier to escape sunburns and skin cancer.

The bankruptcy of an airline does not dramatically affect daily life and leave you stranded.

The bookstore is five minutes, not an hour's drive, away. Yes, Amazon does deliver in Kauai , but it will take a week to get your book.

The vegetable garden in our backyard has lots of “healthy choices.” Prolonged exposure to Bubba Burgers (a burger stand in Kauai ) would certainly lead to heart attack.

The traffic is nothing compared to that in Kauai . And the number of tourists is nothing compared to that in Kauai .

Family and friends are just around the corner.

Your children will come to visit during college, with dirty laundry and requests for money.

Your children will inherit the family home and live happily ever after!

Okay, some of my reasons are purely selfish, I admit. But, who in their right mind would leave Del Mar? It too is a paradise, a dream come true!


Catherine Danola is a high school student.



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