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Crest Chicanes Commended
May 2008 | by Joel Holliday


On April 21, the City Council considered making permanent the four temporary chicanes (chokers) installed on Crest Road over two years ago as part of the traffic-calming measures to deal with traffic and safety issues on the Crest/Via Alta/15th Street corridor. Virtually all of the residents speaking agreed that there is a serious public-safety issue on this corridor, with 1,800 trips a day, up to 50% of which is “cut-through” traffic to avoid using Camino Del Mar.

Most speakers were in favor of making the chicanes permanent, arguing that they are effective in slowing traffic, and that they will be even more effective once the unsightly temporary pylons are replaced with attractively landscaped permanent structures. A small number of speakers questioned the effectiveness of the chicanes and suggested that other measures be considered.

The Council sent the issue to the Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC) for early consideration and expects to have TPAC's report and a report/recommendation from city staff so that the Council can consider the matter again at its May 19 meeting.



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