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June Strasberg: A Jewel in Paradise
April 2008 | by Shirley King


June Strasberg found her true loves ‘from sea to shining sea' – her beloved Nate at the Atlantic shores of Long Island and her paradise along the Pacific coast of Southern California. June, a Del Mar patriot for the past 50 years and one who has graced our small coastal village with her gleaming face, endearing smile, that Bronx accent and a lengthy dedication to community betterment will be honored for her service to Del Mar at the Sandpiper's Garden Party Fundraiser on Sunday, April 13, from 3 to 5 pm. Ever since June moved to Del Mar in 1958, she has centered her life around creating a nurturing community for her family while committing herself to many progressive activities to preserve her community's quality of life and her neighborhood's integrity. We are indebted to June's endless contributions to keeping Del Mar the paradise that she was promised by her dear Nate.

June came as a bride to Del Mar with visions of living in a castle in paradise. As a self-described “late bloomer”, at age 36, she married Nate and moved west to join his adopted home in California. Prior to her marriage June was an independent career woman who worked as an executive secretary in many of those iconic New York City buildings such as the Rockefeller Center. June's employers included blockbuster advertising agencies such as Ted Bates. She continued to live in the Bronx with her parents, who had both emigrated from Germany through Ellis Island, until June's best friend colluded with Nate's brother, her next-door neighbor, and introduced June to Nate during his vacation back home to Long Island. From there the promise of paradise was set in place.

Nate had been living in Southern California during his WW II military service, and he remained to become a Middle School teacher. He moved to Del Mar and was employed as a live-in tutor for the family that occupied the Del Mar Castle on Avenida Primavera. Nate's plan was to bring his bride to live with him on the grounds of the Castle. Thus Nate's depiction of his home in paradise lived up to its promise.

June and Nate worked quickly to start their family, bought their 10th Street home and devoted themselves to the upbringing of their twins, Bim and Jo Kathy. Their children's interests and Nate's love for local politics formed the platform for their mutual activities. Together they joined the Friends of Del Mar and became loyal workers with the incorporation of Del Mar, the City Council campaigns, the formation of the Community Plan and the many issues that have challenged June's paradise. Now without Nate, June continues to energize her community with her loyal civic participation, her gung-ho spirit and her perpetually cheerful regard to all she encounters. It is a great day for anyone who meets June on the street. Always with that twinkle in her eyes she shares her love of this paradise with her welcoming conversation for all to enjoy.

The community is invited to honor June on April 13 for the Sandpiper's Garden Party Fundraiser at the beautiful home and garden of Candace Kohl. Please join us for a jazz concert in her garden, light refreshments and a renewal with friends and neighbors. Call 481-5934 to reserve.



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