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Update on Shores Campaign
March 2008 | Barbara Mandel Pache and Crystal Crawford


The Del Mar City Council has asked the School Board for 60 days to discuss the next steps regarding an extension of the February 28 escrow date from the Del Mar School District Board for the purchase of the Del Mar Shores Property. The Board has allowed 30 days. The extension would provide the school district with an extra $440,000 in cash to be used for current operating needs, allow the campaign to raise the needed $4 million, and would be the best option for all involved.

When a small group of community members launched the campaign to raise $8.5 million to purchase the property and preserve it for recreational and educational purposes, everyone knew that the seven-month time period was ambitious. What no one could have foreseen was that real estate prices would significantly decline, or that the stock market would drop precipitously, let alone that the October fires would thwart fundraising efforts.

What we continue to count on is the commitment and support of community members to contribute towards these efforts to assure that we retain this jewel for open space in our community. Please join us today. You should have received a mailer requesting support. Use the enclosed envelope or make your contribution online at wwwdelmarparks.org, or call Kelly at The Winston School at 858-259-8155. Please let the community know you value the Shores Property.


Shores Campaign a Step Closer from the February 2008 Issue.



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