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Obama, McCain Win Del Mar
March 2008 | Bud Emerson


The California primary election results on February 4 show Del Mar voters preferring Obama as the Democratic nominee and McCain as the Republican nominee.

Remember that Del Mar has 2941 registered voters: 1090 Republicans, 1043 Democrats, and 695 Independents. The turnout for this election was 59% including 24% absentee voters. Independents were not allowed to vote on the Republican ballot but could vote on the Democratic ballot. Still to be counted, countywide are 59,000 absentee ballots--the final official count will be released in March.

First the Republican results: County-wide McCain got 40% to Romney's 39% while Huckabee garnered 9%. In Del Mar, McCain got 279 votes to Romney's 210, with Huckabee getting 29 and Paul 24. In the 50th Congressional district, which includes Del Mar, McCain beat Romney 41% to 40%, with Huckabee getting 8%.

On the Democratic side Clinton's vote was 50% countywide to Obama's 44%. In Del Mar, Obama won handily getting 548 votes to Clinton's 328. In the 50th Clinton beat Obama 48% to 47%.

On the ballot propositions, community college funding lost 60% to 40% in the county. In Del Mar it lost 941 votes to 550.  The term limits prop lost countywide 52% to 48%. In Del Mar it lost very narrowly 790 to 745 votes.  Indian gaming won countywide 59% to 41%. In Del Mar these propositions won 919 votes to 639.

If the final official tally differs significantly, we will report any differences in next month's issue.



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