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December 2015
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King Tides to Reign
Jon Edelbrock

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EDITORIAL: Unwrap a Local Story

Dead Wood
Shirley King

Civic Center Pole Time

Reflections on Civic Center Planning process
Jeff Barnouw

Sheriff Awaits Verdict
Jim Benedict

Ad Hoc Views
Bud Emerson

In-N-Out Rentals
Ann Gardner

News Updates
Ann Gardner

4th Quarter:
Optimism and Humor

Nancy Fisher

Roving Teen Reporter
Extra Stuff

Leah Gans

Doubling Ospreys
Ed Mirsky

Halloween Stew:
Cauldron on Crest: Book Signing Party for Three Generations

Rosanne Holliday and Suzi Resnik

Beauty and the Brain
Helen Kaufmann

Locavores’ Delight:
Make Room for Shrooms

Di Holker

Garden Artistry
Jill Cary

Dr. Rich
Rich Simons

Good for the Sole
Shannon Hogan Cohen

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Happy Holidays from the
Sandpipers !

Save the Dates
Join your neighbors and friends and make your voices heard.


Friends of the Beach
Community Discussion
about needs at the beach including beach maintenance, restroom conditions, shower functionality, barking dogs, sea level rise, etc
Sunday, January 10, 2016
2-4 pm


Friends of the Beach Committee: Jill Coughlin, Robin Crabtree, Marnie Mahoney, Ira Sharp,
Nancy Stoke, Alice Winn, Ed Yuskiewkz


City’s Sea Level Rise Stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
Community Forum
about Sea-Level Rise
in Del Mar.
Thursday, January 14, 2016
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

more information
the committee's webpage
email for this project

Bluff collapsing.  Sea wall failing.  Roads ruined.
Lagoons drowned.  Photo Robin Crabtree.
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Readers' page

In-and-Out Rentals
Gina C. Mattern, resident in the Beach Colony, Camino Del Mar | an "experieced investor in home and rental properties" working for Willis Allen in Del Mar.  She "own[s] and manage[s] rental property in the coveted Beach Colony of Del Mar." December 11, 2015

Not Very Welcoming Del Mar!
Gina C. Mattern, Camino del Mar | an "experieced investor in home and rental properties" workiing for Willis Allen in Del Mar. November 12, 2015.

Overwhelmingly Positive
Jonah Mechanic, Bonair Way, La Jolla | manager of short-term rentals on 11th Street, 12th Street, and 27th Street in Del Mar.  November 5, 2015.

Being a Good Neighbor
Bruce McDermott and family, 25th Street. November 7, 2015.


King Tides in Beach Colony
Sea Level Rise in Del Mar

Photos Robin Crabtree and Bruce McDermott

The sea at 26th Street.  December 24, 2015. Photo Bruce McDermott.
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Just north of 29th Street. December 23, 2015.  A resident has paid to have rip rap deposited in front of his seaside home to stop additional erosion.
  Photo Robin Crabtree..
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The sea at 26th Street. December 24, 2015. Photo Bruce McDermott.
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The stairs came from oceanfront property between 26th and 25th Streets.  The photo was taken next to 24th Street on December 24, 2015. 
Photo Robin Crabtree.
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Save the Date
A New Normal is Here
Sea Level Rise in Del Mar
City of Del Mar
Ready for El Niño ?
City Preparedness Plan
City of Del Mar
El Niño is here again! The winter storm, expected to be of the highest magnitude so far, is likely to hit San Diego County in late December or early January and go on until March. El Niño creates storms in southern California by pushing a jet stream down to the region from the Pacific Northwest that interacts with warm ocean waters. This year, oceans waters are predicted to be warmer than usual.

The City of Del Mar is taking precautions as part of their preparedness plan to combat the impacts of El Niño and protect property and residents from harm. The City has recommendations for residents to follow before the storm hits the shore as well as during the storm season.

full report
City Hall / Town Hall
FINAL Environmental Impact Report
City of Del Mar
The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been prepared for the City Hall/Town Hall Project to respond the comments received during the process. The Del Mar City Council will conduct a hearing on January 4, 2016 to consider certification of the Final EIR.

Final EIR_Del Mar City Hall_121615
Carmel Valley Planning Board
Special Meeting

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board (CVCPB) will consider the One Paseo project at a SPECIAL Meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Cathedral Catholic High School, 5555 Del Mar Heights Road. 

Kilroy Realty and the CVCPB have held a number of community workshops on updating the One Paseo plans. Information on those workshops can be found on the website. Scroll down to the PROJECT RESOURCES section, where the 9/24 Presentation has the most current update.

The City has posted the requested Plan Update on the City's Carmel Valley Community Plan page.  Comments on the proposed plan should be provided by January 11 to:
Bernard Turgeon, Senior Planner, City of San Diego
1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1100, M.S. 413
San Diego, CA 92101
Del Mar's New Mayor
City of Del Mar

On Monday, December 7 the Del Mar City Council unanimously appointed Deputy Mayor Sherryl Parks as Mayor.  The new Deputy Mayor is Terry Sinnott.Del Mar Mayor Sherryl Parks. 
Photo Carol Kerridge.
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Pipe Up
with Royce's Voices
Del Mar Foundation
  On Thursday, December 3 the Del Mar Foundation's Cultural Arts Committee presented the a capella men's group Pacific Coast Harmony for a Holiday Concert.  They were joined by Royce's Voices.  Photo Bill Morris.  Click on photo to enlarge.
Pipe Up
In-and-Out Rentals
Gina C. Mattern, resident in the Beach Colony, Camino Del Mar | an "experieced investor in home and rental properties" working for Willis Allen in Del Mar.  She "own[s] and manage[s] rental property in the coveted Beach Colony of Del Mar."

The article In-and-Out Rentals [December 2015], comes with a clever title, but little else. 

Looking at a bigger picture and avoiding the “buzz words” may help ponder the question:  Does Del Mar REALLY have a short term rental problem?  Del Mar has a history of contentiousness between neighbors regarding building, views, fences, trees all being played out in at the council meetings – could the STR issue be another hot issue to gripe about?  Could the "issue" be  personal or localized just between a few who are unhappy with their neighbors in general?

Will a ban on STR really solve the issue of bad neighbors?

full text

Shores (Park) Advisory Committee
Meeting Wednesday, Dec 9, 8am
City of Del Mar
Shores Park consultants Schmidt Design will present site plan alternatives to the Shores (Park) Advisory Committee this Wednesday, December 9.  The meeting begins at 8 a.m. at the Annex.  The alternatives are based on community input gathered over the past year including the most recent community event attended by over 100 residents who provided feedback on park “character’ and broke up into 13 teams to draw preferred site plans for the 5.3 acres.  A draft report is available on the City website.   Key results from the “Design Your Park” activity on October 18 include:  a community building, alternate access points for parking and access with some preference for underground parking, an open turf area, space for dogs , options for children’s play, a hard surface sport court, a loop trail and/ or walking paths.  Other amenities included overlooks, picnic nodes and a community garden.  The Committee will also review and clarify next steps for the Park Master Plan process and schedule. The eight-member Committee and two Council liaisons meet every second Wednesday; all residents are welcomed.
December Print Issue

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King Tides to Reign
Jon Edelbrock | Community Services and Lifeguard Lieutenant

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Forecasters and climate experts have projected the winter of 2015/16 to be one of the most prolific “El Niño” systems in over a half-century – on par with 1982/83 and the “Grandaddy of El Niños” of 1997/98. With El Niño comes a high probability of extreme Southern California rainfall that, in the past, has caused severe coastal erosion, flooding, and loss of homes along the beach front. A significant increase in rainfall can be challenging enough for our watershed; however the greatest impacts in the beach colony loom during periods of higher-than-normal, or King Tides, and large surf.

December Print Issue


EDITORIAL: Unwrap a local story

Holiday shopping patterns have morphed dramatically in the past several years due to online sales. The internet has removed the hassle of crowds, the waiting in line, and, of course, the stress of fighting for that coveted parking spot! However, when purchasing online you miss the hands-on customer service from sales associates and the personalized approach of local business owners. There needs to be an offset between the conveniences of cyber purchases arriving in two days versus the social experience of buying in person.


December Print Issue

Center spread

In-N-Out Rentals
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

At its first public review for allowing and regulating short-term rentals, the Del Mar Planning Commission leaned toward current language in the Municipal Code that does not allow rentals of less than 30 days. Commissioner Ellen Haviland, after hearing public input, reacted negatively to comments that short-term rentals were a tradition in Del Mar. She disagreed that it has always been this way. “[The situation] has absolutely changed, and we need to come together as a community to deal with it. The current code that allows residents to earn income by renting a room in their homes or by having long-term rentals is acceptable to me,” she said. “We need to protect residents from the ease of [their neighbor turning their home] into a mini-hotel by just going online, and the adverse impacts.”


December Print Issue
Saluting Two of Del Mar's Giants

On the left: Arthur Wagner - Sandpiper Archives.
On the right: David Pike - courtesy Brooke Eisenberg-Pike.

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Del Mar loses two esteemed citizens with giant reputations beyond our borders. Arthur Wagner and David Pike lived very accomplished lives. David, spouse of community leader Brooke Eisenberg, earned an international reputation as a superb jazz musician. Arthur’s reputation in the theater world included acting, directing, teaching, and founding the highly regarded UCSD Theater Department.

December Print Issue
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December Print Issue
Only in Your Dreams

Cartoon Harry Cary
Click on cartoon to enlarge.
December Print Issue
Quoting the Community Plan
Del Mar’s Core Values

A well-defined community identity: it was felt by the citizens that a well defined community identity should be fostered by providing a centrally-focused downtown area having civic activities as well as commercial services; a residential area of decreasing density from the town center towards the outskirts; and a surrounding belt of natural open space to buffer Del Mar permanently from the sprawling adjacent residential areas.

In addition, recommendations were made to establish a neighborhood parks program providing local recreational needs and a scenic trail system circumscribing the city.

December Print Issue
Public Plaza spaces

Included in the voter-approved Del Mar Plaza Specific Plan were designated public spaces for events and citizen access. Recently Council Member Dwight Worden reminded the public of these provisions. The current managers of the Plaza approached the Council and offered to cooperate with the city to develop strategies for promotion and access to these public spaces.

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